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Is any one else getting this lol

I just found this gem on facebook and it is glorious

there is no way in hell you were this cute with anyone else but me. no one would ever do you wrong, or let you leave if you were the way you are with me

Like I really have no friends. The few I get, lose interest real quick and it makes me sad. Tiffany is in the same situation but she has Sam. I want a Sam.
It’s not even like she holds me back, I just close myself to everyone and the few people I don’t fend off usually drift away pretty casually. I don’t have a problem with Nick not being my friend, but I genuinely enjoyed Jacobs company. I always came down to join him in Guest Services, or even come see him when hes scheduled to leave but he always dismisses me and walks away with someone else and I’m left there alone, looking for an excuse to walk back upstairs. He’s not the onlt to do that but I just thought he’d want to talk too.
Hanging out with Josh is cool but once I make it a thing and we see each other three to four times a week he gets weird. Tiffany has the perfect availability to hangout with me, and I never feel like I need a friend the days I get to see her. But there are those days where we can’t hang out.

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